Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Family Affair

"A Family Affair"
collage, paint, ink
© Rob Dunlavey 2011
Into this inhospitable place an egg has been laid and all these funny birds have become involved in guarding the egg --which looks like it will be just fine all by itself (at least until the baby hatches!).
Below are a few details.  I made it with painted papers which I collaged and drew into just a little.

"Calling a tow truck"
paint, ink, pencil
© 2011 Rob Dunlavey
I painted this one today (Aug. 9, 2011). I don't know about you but the Dow's drop yesterday and the US debt debacle make me feel a very annoyed at our venerable leaders. Well, there's always Art and, groan, Religion!


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