Friday, October 28, 2011

Solo +1

« Pensive Cormorant »
15 Oct. 2011
gouache, crayon-resist, ink
I wonder what he's thinking about? And that black shape looming behind him. Is it some grim thing advancing or just an unhappy place being left behind. He looks strong. He doesn't look beaten. I think he'll be okay. His wings can carry him anywhere he wants to go. Ah, if only he knew where! Maybe toward that light source on stage right.
He needs a friend doesn't he? If he is a character, he needs a companion to add to his story. As I've presented him in this single drawing, he has few options. What if he were like this Bear?

« Bear & Butterfly »
19 March 2011
colored pencil, gouache
Besides being a "sweeter" moment, this picture presents a few options for our characters: maybe the butterfly is giving the bear ideas about what it is like to be able to fly. Or maybe the bear realizes that they are opposite types of creature. He is long-lived, ponderous and white and she is evasive, rainbow-hued and fragile. This dynamic (there could be many others) begins to get the gears turning.
The Narrativity Elves™ can begin their work. Let's go guys! Stop gold-bricking!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup
(from a can, mind you…)
Our hapless hero enjoying his predictable repast.
The End


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