Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big Black Bird

12 Feb. 2013
"Big Black Bird"
mixed media (charcoal, acrylic, watercolor)
 As I paint and draw something, I try to seek a rationale or story behind the thing that is emerging before me. In this case, a big bird is preening its lanky black feathers. The colors seem to be from Kandahar or Baghdad. Maybe he's a survivor or a scavenger performing a modest battlefield toilette. Just another day in wartime. It's a strange environment to raise a family in isn't it… but life has to go on. So, despite the apparent and real doom and gloom of our present situation, look to Nature's ongoing creativity for guidance and hope.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


What are we looking at today?

Hey, what's going on? Today?
Shhhh! Mrs Owl is getting ready to create something! Did you hear that Mrs Owl? We've been pretty patient…
(These drawn in church last Sunday: ballpoint pen & charcoal)


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