Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Periwinkle's Story

…and so, the diminutive mollusk began her tale.

The tern was all ears

The cormorant's eyes grew as big as saucers

The sandpiper wondered if it was just a fish story!

This is just an involved doodle from my sketchbook. It's not attached to a children's story yet but with imagination and effort, it may grow up to be one some day.
Today a large hurricane lingers on the doorstep of Massachusetts where I live. I wonder how animals like a periwinkle experience an event like Hurricane Irene? Good Morning Irene!
On a more serious note, why should we care what a periwinkle thinks? That is, if periwinkles think at all (in the manner to which I am accustomed. It's a disturbing thought perhaps, but in our egomania, one that might stimulate a beautiful pearl to form around it. Maybe that's why we love pearls so much: in their core they harbor a question that proves the power of Life.


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