Thursday, June 30, 2011

Drawn In: Book Signing!

I'll be in Brooklyn tonight (6:00 p.m.) at Powerhouse Arena for a book signing party for "Drawn In". Drawn In is a new book by Julia Rothman about artists who keep sketchbooks. I hope to see you there!
 A book review & interview with Julia Rothman
• Powerhouse Arena and book signing details here

Book By Its Cover is an excellent blog about all manner of illustrated books: graphic novels, picture books, artists' books, sketchbooks and sundry related book arts. It is the labor of Julia Rothman who is an illustrator, pattern designer and author from Brooklyn.
She has gathered some of her favorite blogged-about sketchbook artists from all over the world into a new book published by Quarry and available from Amazon. "Drawn-In" features large photos, spreads and interviews with 44 very different artists, illustrators and designers. Vanessa Davis wrote the Foreward. A few of the 44 artists featured in this book include:

Sophie Blackall
Calef Brown
Rob Dunlavey
Camilla Engman
Sarajo Frieden
Jessica Hische
Meg Hunt
Renata Liwska
Grady McFerrin
Ted McGrath
Julia Rothman
Lizzy Stewart

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Pointy People driving through a deluge
16 June, 2011 | mixed media
I'm off on a  trip for a couple of days. See you again soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Exploring Fernando Pessoa

I enjoy adding notes and text to my doodles. They are not always related!
Pointy People on some sort of bicycle 18 June, 2011
My flickr friend Paula recommended the great Portuguese poet and write Fernando Pessoa in one of her posts. It looks promising. Have you read Pessoa in his many incarnations? Tell me about it… : )

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The POINTY PEOPLE Book for sale

I've just published a new book about the Pointy People!
It's not too horribly expensive: $25.00 US and it is chock-full of over seventy
pages of Pointy People and their world.
78 pages, softcover, full-color printing throughout, A5 format.
More pictures

Here are a few photos from the book

Monday, June 13, 2011

Church doodles

Pink and purple doodles done during a church service yesterday. I'd like to think that doodling helps me concentrate better. But, on what am I meditating: the messages coming from outside or my interpretation of them? It's inconclusive but that's the way I like my organized religion: Focus on what you can affect and find some pleasure in it all. I'll leave the bigger questions to God.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seascape with Cormorant

Solitary Cormorant Contemplating the Overcast Sky
I like the way this painting turned out. It's done in a variety of media. The bird was made from some hand-colored paper collaged after the lonely rock seascape was done and waiting for a few weeks, unfinished. Here are some details:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finishing Things

In graduate school, I had a sculpture professor who made it clear to me that I needed to finish things. Somehow from there on I started a habit of trying to bring drawings to some sort of conclusion. I draw every day and it has become a discipline: finish something (anything!) each day.

I started a new sketchbook last weekend – but I'm still finishing paintings in the old one. Here are a few of those paintings: This painting with the storks on top of the house started out as a nice Crystal City drawing. It was very colorful but that was all. I did collage a big dark cloud above the building but still it sat there unfinished. So at some point, I added rain and then it got darker and darker. I'd had this thought that some birds would be a nice touch. So they flew in yesterday and I'm calling it "finished" – but it probably isn't. Or is it?
06-06-11a | mixed media
I just like this one below too much not to show it. I thought I'd add details to the orange area embracing the ocean in the top section of the painting. But I don't think it would make the painting any better. I guess it's a bit of a "Nocturne" --just a moody suggestive piece. I like the forest just below the palace. I reminds me of the magical gardens that the prince explores as he follows the Twelve Dancing Princesses as they go to their midnight rendezvous.

06-06-11b | mixed media

Really folks, it's a doodle. The snake's car is powered by some nuclear rock in the back of his contraption. I draw a lot of these, often as I watch a baseball game on television. It's just the right amount of distraction to produce good flow and I try not to get too attached to the results. Later on I tighten things up, add some watercolor or charcoal and call it a wrap. It's just one of the things I do.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Sketchbook

Your basic black book. Nothing too fancy about it.

But, please, keep it away from children. It could be dangerous!
In the hands of the wrong person, a blank book could cause harm. That is why I do everything in my bag of tricks to let these books know who is the boss. I have been diligent:

There are many more than this!
idea for a children's book

The surrounding clutter
The paper buckles with a fanciful landscape
A gripping moment in a story that hasn't found its ending!

collage and colors bleeding through

The end


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