Sunday, October 21, 2012

Each Painting is a Journey

mixed media
I painted this the other morning. It started out one way and ended another way. The bear was the last thing I added (well, actually the oars were the last things. Or maybe it was the bear's toenails; I can't remember).

The important, take-home message is to never give up on something. Eventually a solution will be whispered in your ear and a bear might appear. Now, it's true that I have a number of images of bears in boats… I guess I'm just not through with that basic idea. But that's my prerogative isn't it?

The boat in this image and the sentiment it conjured (that we may not know the way but just having faith that our tools or methods have merit gets us through the rough patches) confirmed a steady belief of mine. It's nice also to have these ideas bubble up through the process. And making good Art is rarely a top-down process. And it's nice to end with a confirmation rather than begin with one. Although, having both isn't so bad either.

Blah blah blah! Bonne journée dear readers!


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