Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's Complicated!

it's complicated and…
…getting even more complicated!

But not everything is complicated. Life doesn't need to be complicated. Does it??

This pair: not complicated!
This guy: same, very uncomplicated
uncomplicated… and CUTE!
Not so cute AND he wants some of the action…

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Omens, Gnomons and Agnostic Prophets

Jan 17, 2015
mixed media
Celestial portent: a comet in the middle of the afternoon!

An astrologer consults his charts

His city is a fortress for education and contemplation

The palm trees study their reflections in a pool of water.

The complex compound is a city unto itself. A marvel of medieval marquetry.

The end.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Seasonal thoughts

Arboreal Owl
mixed media
"C’est assez vescu pour autruy, vivons pour nous au moins ce bout de vie. Ramenons à nous et à nostre aise nos pensées et nos intentions. Ce n’est pas une legiere partie que de faire seurement sa retraicte ; elle nous empesche assez sans y mesler d’autres entreprinses. Puis que Dieu nous donne loisir de disposer de nostre deslogement, preparons nous y ; plions bagage ; prenons de bon’heure congé de la compaignie ; despetrons nous de ces violentes prinses qui nous engagent ailleurs et esloignent de nous."

"We have lived enough for others; let us at least live out the small remnant of life for ourselves; let us now call in our thoughts and intentions to ourselves, and to our own ease and repose. 'Tis no light thing to make a sure retreat; it will be enough for us to do without mixing other enterprises. Since God gives us leisure to order our removal, let us make ready, truss our baggage, take leave betimes of the company, and disentangle ourselves from those violent importunities that engage us elsewhere and separate us from ourselves."

from "Of Solitude" – Montaigne, Essays

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rob Dunlavey Illustration 2015 Calendar

Hi! My 2015 Calendar poster is available.

If you order from Etsy I will ship it rolled in a tube for $3.00 + shipping.
(If you order it directly from me (please email your snail mail info) it's free but will be folded to fit a 10 x 13 inch envelope.)


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