Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Picture is Worth… ?

"Nature morte"
© Rob Dunlavey 08-02-11 mixed media
This is a picture in search of a story. The birds are not such sympathetic characters and so finding a story is proving hard to come by.

  • Are the birds just hanging out on this convenient perch or are they having a little discussion?
  • What is the contraption? I'm reminded of a propeller or worse, a medieval Catherine Wheel.
  • Does the vehicle move or has it rusted in place; a monument to some old useless idea?
  • And that green bottle: are these magpies and the bottle their silly useless treasure?
  • Maybe the birds are contemplating what to do with the bottle. It might make a good terrarium to begin the re-population of this blighted landscape.
Anyone out there care to suggest anything?

They look good-natured enough

the intact green wine bottle


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