Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Good Babies

"The Good Babies"
mixed media
Mrs. Owl is so proud of her babies. She has been telling them bedtime stories for hours and they will not get sleepy. They're just getting revved up! They are busy asking questions and exploring the trees. Just like good owl babies.
"Tell us another story about Mr. Tern!"
"Tell us about the birthday cake and the ocean."
"When will Mr. Tern come back?"
"Will he bring us presents?"
Mrs. Owl replied "Of course not! And that is a rude question!"

She pauses, she would actually like a present from Mr. Tern…

detail: proud Mrs. Owl

detail: eight on one tree, two on the other. Ten in all.

detail: shadows puddle below the trees.

detail: they got the best of both Owl and Tern.


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