Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Room for Waiting

"The Waiting Room"
Oct. 30, 2011
collage, mixed media
A toast then to those moments (or are they only yesterdays?) where we find ourselves possessed of the duty to wait for something that hasn't arrived yet. These moments could be the spaces between words or the spaces between our idea of what our lives are and someone else's idea of what our lives will be.

Who is this "someone?" God? Our future self, or selves? The Fates or the Furies?

Here's a happy fellow. His knapsack is full but not too heavy. He has a companion who sleeps comfortably at his feet. He looks out of the waiting room window. It's an old space with a worn linoleum floor. Perhaps he just had some tea or sake. Or maybe that vase needs to be refreshed.

Inside and Outside don't seem very different; they are just opposite sides of a common wall. So we wait and we not-wait… the two halves of the whole darn thing!

Bonne journée!


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