Friday, May 13, 2011

The Blackbirds & The Rover

from my sketchbook (5/10/11)
Once upon a time (maybe it was only yesterday!) a family of strange black birds lived in a desolate rock-strewn desert. The wind blew constantly and the desert froze at night and baked all day. It was like living on the planet Mercury!
Into this desolate place came an explorer searching for curious and shiny things. The bird family was suspicious. However, they became fascinated by the man's fantastic machine. Round wheels hung down and swayed in the wind like ornaments. When they twisted this way and that, they sounded like wind chimes. The wheels softly rumbled and occasionally clanked as it steadily rolled along. It made a music that seemed like a good omen.  They helped him make a map and he played his roving mechanical music box for them.
They traveled together until one day the explorer disappeared into a tall metal thing, clanged a door shut  and exploded. The blackbird family were sad but somehow felt that it would be ok. After all, the explorer had left behind the magical music box car!
The End.


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