Monday, May 16, 2011

A Box of Paper

A bear moved in to a scrap of paper in my studio. Maybe he thought it was an Arctic ice floe (but really, they were just squares of paper). I have so many in my studio. Too many. I save them because I am sentimental. Others are saved because they have character and artistic potential. Admittedly, some are also saved because I am lazy and miss when I throw them in the recycling bin. Instead, they end up in a big box of paper under a table patiently waiting to be used. Or not.

So, it's no wonder that now and then, an animal makes them its home. This bear for example. I've been drawing many bears in the last few months. They are starting to take over. I thinks it's a good thing.  Here's a link to a gallery of bear drawings.

When other animals move in, should I be worried? Well, that depends on the type of animal. Sometimes, my cat takes a nap in the box.  He's very discriminating so it must be a good box to have… Hmmm?

Is he holding an igloo-cake?

Snorri atop the paper pile


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