Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Autumn Castle

"10-13-10a" mixed media 8.5 x 11"
Some blogs are newsy little things with lots of links from a blogger trying be helpful and get you to linger for a few minutes at their site. But a lot of artists' blogs are just pictures too. Maybe a caption. As the season progresses and it gets too cold to draw outside, I'll be showing this kind of stuff more: just pictures from my studio and a little text. Hope you like it.

This picture started out with heavy marker outlines and color. I made the pink sky area and just stopped in my tracks. The autumn trees got added next and then I figured out how to make the marker lines less massive so they even trembled or shimmered a bit. The scumbled-on clouds rounded out the formula. Not very interesting but pretty to look at and satisfying to make. If you're new to this thing, I call these "Crystal Cities" and I have a lot more posted here.


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