Friday, August 11, 2017

Yikes, Stripes!

The question hardly ever varies: what to paint? I stare at the open sketchbook in front of me and a fully charged watercolor brush in my hand. What is the most elemental motion? Shall I draw a representation of a thing? Shall I simply transfer the paint from the brush to the paper in the most honest and efficient way possible? And after I do that, what do I do next? I will often paint stripes. They look pretty and they reacquaint me with the colors on my palette. And then what? Is it a sampler of colors? A paint chart? And if it is just a paint chart, I could add a bird or two. Or a castle. Or some flowers. I have a crazy, self indulgent job!

charcoal, watercolor, ink
pastel, acrylic, ink
crayon, watercolor, ink
pencil, watercolor
collage, watercolor


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