Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little Willow Tree

Just now, I painted a grassy hillside and added a scraggly little willow tree. All this greenness needed a touch of red, its complementary color. Does the fox worry about or celebrate his visibility?  Perhaps the extravagant tail gives us the answer… The cunning fox only seems sly because he is "on top of the world!" living the moments to his advantage. Surely you'll agree that this natural curiosity causes it's share of problems!

I don't think he will stay in the little willow tree's shadow for long. And maybe he will return ere long once the sun goes down for a little nap.

Update July 11, 2014: A partner appears on the scene. Not much will get accomplished today! Have fun little foxes. Stay out of trouble.

revised and completed painting: a playmate appears!


meets girl!


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