Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year's Miscellany

"Isn't that what they want?" the hen reasoned. The pensive rooster sulked on top of the wall and regarded the coming day. The sun rose a little more in the sky.

"They've had it with you singing so early in the morning and waking them up. But Rooster, isn't that what God's plan for you?" Why do you let a few silly humans tell you what to do?" He fixated on a few ants who mindlessly marched on the underside of the top rail of the wall. "Sigh… "

She went on: "You think that if you sulk they will feel bad and beg you to crow again. Ha! Maybe you can take some singing lessons…?"

The day was going to getting warm; he needed to get off that fence.

…to be continued, maybe

What are you looking at? A rooster on a leash, indeed!

We spent New Year's Eve in snowy Bethel, Maine. At 7:00 a.m. on Dec 31st, I was privy to the local Rotary Club year-end breakfast. After a rousing rendition of "Hail, The Gang's All Here" and a sturdy recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, they ate scrambled eggs and drank mimosas and coffee.

A year-end meeting of the Rotary Club
I'm working in a tiny sketchbook at the moment so there will be lots of quick little vignettes like the one below as I start 2014. More involved works seem to do better in the larger format books.
Splashing in puddles. Why?
Bonne année!


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