Tuesday, September 3, 2013


"A 'godforsaken' place? Oh no. The hunting is really good here"
mixed media
How can any place be "godforsaken?" God is in everything, even this abandoned field and that forbidding chateau in the distance. In the field, mice scurry and horde grain and prepare for winter. The hollow tree is filled with brown leaves and dry rotted wood. Mrs. Owl thinks this tree will be very cozy.  She also thinks that the cook in the forbidding chateau might have some scraps of fish on Fridays and that Tern ought to inquire. Godforsaken? It's an impossibility since God (whatever God is!) is everywhere and is incapable of leaving or forsaking anything. So, get moving. Don't blame your bad mood on God!. Things might just work out.

Mrs Owl

Owl and Tern

A "forbidding" chateau


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