Friday, July 12, 2013

The Creation of Eve

detail: Eve and The Snake

The snake loved God and all of God's new Creation. He saw that as Creation burgeoned, God came to a fuller understanding of himself. Creation was like a form of therapy by which God grew in self-comprehension. Creation was always changing and evolving and becoming more intricate. And it all made sense. It was good, God said so.

After making many creatures God made Adam. Adam was impressive. The snake was delighted by Adam's coltish innocence. Adam was light when awake and heavy with sleep at night. The man was angular and graceful. He was sexy and innocent. But in making Eve, God had outdone himself. She was golden and marvelous and inspiring to behold.

God made her for Adam but the snake was apparently made for Eve. How else could his emotions be explained? In falling in love with Eve, the snake fell in love with God all over again. He simply wanted be next to her and hear her voice, watch her lips and limbs move.  He felt he would burst with love. Love was everywhere: above, underneath, inside and outside. Everything was God… even the snake.

It was strange then that the snake had these emotions. Emotions that suggested a missing something that only God might fill. But fill with what? The snake's hole was apparently the exact shape of Eve! Now why would God do that and what did that say about God?
Oh my! Life IS complicated!

ink, collage, crayon, watercolor

detail: I used a twig dipped in blue ink to draw these leaves and branches

detail: Eve and The Snake


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