Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crocodile Dreams

25 April 2013
mixed media, collage
From his makeshift observatory, Crocodile stared into the intermediate — or the infinite distance (it was all the same to him). The heron looked at the reptile without understanding or any desire to coddle him. He was unsympathetic and a felt no need to join Crocodiles little emotional adventure. Heron believed that Crocodile's mopey dreaming was pathetically ordinary and so —unadventurous!

Fishes swam at the bird's feet and frogs plopped in to the water from their hiding places. A sweet fragrance carried on the morning breeze and the air was saturated with the gentle light of the morning sun. And all Crocodile could think about and plan for and obsess on was Paris. Ugh! Couldn't he do better than that? All they had there were snails.


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