Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Port Out, Starboard Home

In December 2008, I'd been drawing these kind of things a lot. Lots of things like these experimental doodles. I was having having fun experimenting and letting my mixed-mediums lead the way. I maintained a loose and natural focus and was prolific. I draw for myself whenever the chance arises.



2008 ended with these innocuous doodles where I used wax crayons and ink wash. I liked the resist and how the ink bled through the reverse side of the sketchbook pages.:


And then all hell broke loose in early 2009:

And I started making things that really looked like they could maybe be children's book illustrations (for me it was a form of therapy or self expression).

Owl and Tern (and a Bear) a story that remains unfinished…
And now, the very twisty - and sometimes painful - path has led to children's book illustration (an old goal of mine). I hope I do a good job. I'm still finding my way.

one of the characters is a small bird

the story takes place in a meadow

Once the book is published, I will be able to talk more freely about it.

I'd better get back to work.


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