Saturday, July 9, 2011

Setting Sail

Each drawing is a small voyage.
Every sequential mark or blot or brushstroke carries a question in its wake: what next?
– Where is this picture going?
– Will it take an unexpected turn and lead you into a tangle of conflicting ideas?
– Will it stay close to shore and merely reaffirm familiar choices and ideas?
– Because a painting is a mix of technique and imagery, will it be some blend of both: the exciting and the predictable?

I think illustration is concerned with this final type of scenario. It may use unfamiliar methods and surreal combinations to get to a familiar conclusion or sentiment.
the smallest crag is worth a look
Nothing here except a good view
diving for pearls …or lunch!
This picture started upside down with the tan area at the bottom and the blue-ish area suggesting a sky. Flipping the book 180º gave me a different perspective that reminded of Japanese or Chinese landscapes.

© 2010 Rob Dunlavey
ballpoint pen, latex paint in sketchbook 17" x 8.5" approx.


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