Monday, February 21, 2011


perfect little snowflakes on my sketchbook paper
After a regime of endless blizzards, impassable roads, the advent of personal glaciers on every roof and an unseasonably warm thaw the revealed the dirt and debris at the heart of winter's bounty, I was treated today to perfect, lacy snowflakes gracefully drifting to the ground. It was a dusting of confectioner's sugar that sweetened boorish Winter and his self-important blusterings. Mind you, it's still Winter (but he's trying to be comely so I can't be too angry!).

I took my drawings supplies down to the dam and drew the scene from the opposite shore. The river is full and just roaring along. I drew this in litho crayon in my sketchbook. My drawing hand was cold and stiff by the time I finished it and went up for a coffee.
The South Natick Dam, 22 Feb, 2011
The dam on the left and the Pleasant Street Bridge to the right.
I guess the bottom line take-home-message is: don't wish the time away. Even the bad times. Unexpected beauty can surprise you when you're not expecting it.


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