Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crystal Cities doodles

colored pencil and fabric paint

These are recent (and not very stunning) examples of Crystal Cities (many more here). I've been working in this series for close to two years. And I still derive a lot of pleasure from making them. Why is that?
  1. I can make them be as challenging as I want. If I'm up for a challenge, I go crazy. If not, I do more subtle things or just try to make it pretty.
  2. I can use lots of different media; that keeps me engaged.
  3. The big challenges on the horizon are:
    1. to incorporate figures
    2. make them the focus of a children's book
    3. scale up the pictures (these are done in a sketchbook)
    4. adapt them to other media (more sculpture, ceramic…)

I drew this while attending a funeral. I didn't know the deceased. Very beautiful words were said.

Jolly but holding back too…


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