Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alligators everywhere

I've been seeing a lot of alligators lately!
This ceramic fellow is by Lison and I spotted him here. I think he looks friendly
(but I'm glad I'm not a meal worm or a short-trunked baby elephant!)
© liliféfé 2010
This genial Mama Crocodile is by Maral
© Maral Sassouni 2010
By far, pride of place must go to the prolific French croco-designer and alli-strator Alain Lachartre of Vue sur la ville & Miter Brown. I copied this image from his facebook gallery. In this secret place reside a great many bizarre and wonderful crocodile confections.
© Alain Lachartre 2010

An alarming number of alligators and crocodiles have appeared much closer to home and they appear to have settled in for a long stay. If you can't beat them, I say: join them!
hungry for colors

chance encounter

Just the tip of the iceberg!
Bonne journée!


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