Saturday, May 25, 2013

Up a Tree

"Prince Armen is hiding in a tree"
mixed media (ink, latex paint, pastel
May 25, 2013
Prince Armen has been in this tree all afternoon and it's starting to get dark. Birds chirp as the sun goes down and a gentle breeze hints at good weather and a warm night. But his grip is tiring and he can't spend the night clinging to the tree. Lizards and small birds rustle in the undergrowth. Oh! How he wishes they could tell him if the tigers are gone or if they are just napping nearby before their nocturnal expeditions. He hears a new sound now: is it his tummy rumbling? Or a tiger's?!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Smart Stuff

"Stay in Your Lane!"
mixed media
Life is getting more complicated! Fortunately, technologies are here to make life and transportation easier to manage. We have SmartStreets™ and SmartCars™. Just punch in the coordinates and the grid does all the work. Now you can do all those forbidden distracting things (e.g. texting, watching videos, feeding your children, reading a book, shaving and putting on eyeliner…) while the computers do all the worrying. Yay!

car 1

car 2

the sky

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bewitched & Beguiled

Bewitched Bird
crayon, ink, watercolor
At night, Mr. Tern stares off into space from the tipmost top of a tall spruce tree. The silvery moon glows and touches everything. Everything except Mr. Tern! He can only wonder. He is a camera obscura: Through the holes in his eyes, the moon has formed an image inside of his head and there it resides through all of its lunar phases.  Mr. Tern loves the moon and how, at times, he thinks that it follows him and even takes an interest in his comings and goings. During the day, he makes little moon shrines and guides the sailors to their destinations.
Hooray for Mr. Tern and hooray for the moon!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crocodile Dreams

25 April 2013
mixed media, collage
From his makeshift observatory, Crocodile stared into the intermediate — or the infinite distance (it was all the same to him). The heron looked at the reptile without understanding or any desire to coddle him. He was unsympathetic and a felt no need to join Crocodiles little emotional adventure. Heron believed that Crocodile's mopey dreaming was pathetically ordinary and so —unadventurous!

Fishes swam at the bird's feet and frogs plopped in to the water from their hiding places. A sweet fragrance carried on the morning breeze and the air was saturated with the gentle light of the morning sun. And all Crocodile could think about and plan for and obsess on was Paris. Ugh! Couldn't he do better than that? All they had there were snails.


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